Don't go across town until you've gone across the street. 


    Before you go out looking for new prospects, make sure you have maximized the goldmine in your back-yard - your existing client and prospect base!    Use our "proprietary" contact drip system to mine your existing contact base for every conceivable piece of business and referrals.

Use our Proven 5 step system to create a steady stream of prospects and clients without spending a dime on prospecting!

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   There are only a few ways to access business owners and baby boomers...

        ...and we have the programs that will help you succeed.

Business Owner Marketing Program

Safe Money Strategies has developed a systematic marketing approach to penetrate Business Owners in your area.  This system has a proven track record and can lead to a substantial amount of Indexed Annuity and Life Insurance business, as well as other opportunities.   Call the Marketing Department at 866-324-3800 for more details.

Baby Boomer Seminars

Free Baby Boomer seminar presentations are available through us or you can buy a discounted FINRA-reviewed Baby Boomer seminars through our vendor.  Call 866-324-3800 for more details. 

CPA Program

Marketing continues to be the Largest Expense for independent agents. In fact, the cost of marketing is higher than employee salaries, travel, office space rental, and office equipment and supplies.1 

But it doesn’t have to be! Our partners at Brokers International, Ltd. has a time-tested, turn-key program that can break your dependence on expensive and ineffective direct mail marketing by creating a stream of new and qualified referrals.

Over the last seven years they have introduced 14,687 CPAs to over 420 insurance professionals all across the country, through the CPA Alliance Program.  When you apply this step-by-step approach, you can help align yourself with CPAs and other prominent professionals in your community to help increase your qualified referral base and dramatically lower your marketing costs through co-branded educational opportunities, client appreciation events, and other tools that help build top of mind awareness. And, by aligning yourself with CPAs, you’ll create a referral pool of people that know you, like you, and trust you.

Call 866-324-3800 for more details.
Our partnership with Broker's International gives our agents access to American Trust's  401k Referral program.  Receive free qualifed leads of businesses in your area, refer them to our preferred retirement provider, American Trust (they will close the business) and receive trails for the life of the account.  In addition, you will be in position to capture the accounts of the business owners, key employees, and their families.  Also you will receive immediate notice when an employee retires or leaves and needs to roll their 401k.
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